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13 juin 2018 @ 17 h 30 min - 20 h 30 min

** This workshop willl be given by Click & Mortar **One of the biggest advantages in marketing at the digital era is that most actions done by your potential or current customers online can be tracked. Whether we are talking about likes on Facebook, shares on LinkedIn, clicks on a link in your email campaigns or even purchases on your website, in most cases, these interactions can be tracked and connected together.Every advanced digital marketer with a logic based on performance knows that optimizing your media placement according to such valuable interactions can help you scale your campaign quickly and efficiently and lower your average media spend. It is, without a doubt, an interesting competitive advantage to make the most out of your online marketing.That being said, having a complete and healthy tracking implementation on your website usually requires a lot of work time by a web developer. This normally makes the process expensive and extensive.However, with the release of tools like Google Tag Manager, marketers can now take over the control on these specific tracking practices, as it is now possible to insert events, code and other data layers through a container installed on your website; without the help of a programmer for every minor changes.The goal of this workshop is to make you realize the scope of this tool and to help you benefit from It in your business context.

Course main goals

– Developing an intermediate knowledge of GTM – Acquiring a healthy goal and event tracking methodology – Understanding the relationships between GTM, External analytics tools and your usual digital assets – Being able to apply and adapt seen examples to your business situation

Course Outline

  1. Tracking / Measurement Plan a. Macro VS Micro conversions b. Events structure c. Aligning your implementation plan with your business objectives d. Staying organized
  2. Setting up Google Tag Manager as the center of your data analytics a. Creating and installing your GTM container b. Setting up external tracking scripts (GA, remarketing pixels, etc.) c. Using built-in Tags
  3. Collecting event data with GTM a. Firing specific events using variables, triggers and tags (button click, form submission, scroll depth, etc.) b. Using Data Layers c. Creating custom tags and variables d. Doing a quick overview of other more advanced possibilities
  4. How to send your data to external tracking tools a. An example through Google Analytics b. An example through Facebook
  5. Tracking audit / quality control a. Using the preview and debugging tool b. How to quickly test events and goals c. Recognizing frequent bugs and mistakes in tracking


    • Basic knowledge of data analytics tools (Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel, etc.) • Basic understanding of HTML and JavaScript • Already understanding how to track basic goals by URL in Google Analytics is a plus (but not required)Please note: This is not a programming class. This course is designed for intermediate and advanced marketers looking to take over control of the tracking of their website and to minimize the need of a specialized programmer in their context.


Date :
13 juin 2018
Heure :
17 h 30 min - 20 h 30 min
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